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New Member!

This community striked my interest since I am an advid fan of New Age music thanks to the "Pure Moods" Album.

Artists: Favorite Albums:

David Arkenstone "Atlantis"
Diane Arkenstone "Aquaria"
Clannad "Magical Ring"
Craig Chaquico "Acoustic Planet"
Delerium "Semantic Spaces"
Enigma "The Screen Behind the Mirror"
Enya I love them all,but her"Self-titled" album started it all.
Llewellyn "Moonlore"
Mythos "Mythos"
Pure Moods "Pure Moods"
Secret Garden "Self titled"
2002 "Chrysalis" The album that helped me discover them.

I do have a few questions that I hope someone here can answer.

One is: Do anyone know of any good New Age Music Distributors? I have tried Hastings and their distributor has given me nothing but hassle after hassle since Hastings do not stock New Age music regularly (I guess due to popularity). There's 3 more Diane Arkenstone albums out there, but Hastings refuses to cooperate and so far it seems, I have to go to her website just to order them....

I would prefer an Off-line Distributor, but would consider an online Distributor if that is the only option.

The second one is: I have seen some New Age music released as singles. Does buying that particular form worth paying for, than the full album?

Lastly..does buying the import version of a particular album worthy? I have seen some new age music released overseas (like in the U.K) with tracks different than the U.S release.

I look foward to enjoying whatever this community brings :)
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