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new age music haven's Journal
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Sunday, September 30th, 2001

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whys she so fuckin wierd?
ok my mom asked me about my religion today so im going to explian it to everyone else so they leave me alone

i practice a VERY unknown faith called Celtaclese,
Celtaclese is a mix of celtism,old world catholism, and light wicca.

untrue myths:

i dont believe in the bible, any of them, i feel if god wants me to know something badly enough, he'll tell me!

i dont cast spells, the what the word LIGHT WICCA means, i simply share some of thier beliefs, that all

i DO attend catholic mass regularly, i also attend some wiccan ceramonys with my grandmas best freind, who is a high priestess

so yeh i thought id share some of that with you all thanks for reading!

Current Mood: excited

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