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new age music haven's Journal
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Thursday, October 4th, 2001

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i've been violated!!!!
i went to my fist day of work today. i love it!!! everyone there is soo nice!!!(one guy was a bit too nice) ok, i wore my pride(something with a rainbow for all of you under a rock)and this guy that does carts was wearing pride to, he came over and talked to me and he patted me on the shoulder, but not a little pat, it was more of a "let go in the bathroom" type pat, so im kinda worried now, but it cant be that bad, anythings better than chasing christian around. im need to find someone who wants to go down to dc with me on the weekend of the 26th for the anti-war rally, but all my ignorent friends at school WANT us to go overseas and kill more inocent people, so if anyones intrested in going, let me know A.S.A.P!! i need to start making plans/reservations. im soo happy i have people to do stuff with every night, its so good to not have to sit around all evening worriing wether or not your so called friends care, im very happy for kyle, finally, his life doesnt just revolve around school work , i reallized that im mad that he never talks to me anymore . but i have also realized this is what ive always wanted for him, ever since we were little I constintly told him that its not worth it to do good for yourself unless you have someone to share your life with, now look, hes the one with someone to love and I'M the one alone, but it will always be that way, and i guess i can deal with it. i dont want to, but i know i have candis and sarah, and god, they will always be there, and soon i will have a pet to convey my love for. i need an outlet such as that to get this out, like i told kyle, love is like fruit, its sweet and beautiful when its ripe and fresh, but if you dont use it, it rots and becomes gross and foul.....and then no one wants it....

...thats the story of my life...

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